Jaket Parasut Adidas, League & Specs

Rp 85.000
4 pcs @Rp 75.000 (pilih)

12 pcs @Rp 65.000 (acak)

24 pcs @Rp 60.000 (acak)

Reseller Rp 70.000
Size : All size fit L, Unisex (bisa buat cowok / cewek)
Bahan : Parasut Despo Waterprof (anti air)
minat WA 082228958631 

line : @swa5197m (pakai @)

BBM D842583E

Instagram : @kireina_88

FB : padangsport34 


Adidas biru dongker
League biru dongker-hijau neon
League hitam
League biru dongker
League merah
Specs hitam motif
Specs abu-hijau neon motif kotak kotak
Specs hitam-hijau neon
Specs biru turkis
Specs merah-hijau neon
Specs hijau neon

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